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Strategize. Optimize. Globalize.


Aftermarket Strategies offers consulting and product management services to a variety of clients. Our consulting focus leverages our vast experience in the automotive aftermarket to help our clients establish their products in the North American market. Our product management services help manufacturers expand the reach of their products into new markets and categories, both in the United States and abroad. In 2019, we established our Medical Goods division. 

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Brand Development

  • Market Development

  • Market Research

  • Import Management

  • Export Management

  • Brand Globalization

  • ​​Strategic Planning

  • Marketing Services

  • Social Media


Aftermarket Strategies will help our clients enter or expand into the global aftermarket. Whatever region you are seeking to enter, Aftermarket Strategies will help identify key market segments, potential customers, product opportunities and help grow your profits.

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