Aftermarket Strategies can help your organization in a variety of ways that help grow your brand reputation and your market share, while at the same time, maximizing your revenue and profit potential.  Here are just some of the ways we can be an asset to your organization.

Strategy & Organization

The most difficult part of navigating a new market is understanding it's dynamics.  Who are the players?  How is the market organized? What's our best chance of growing revenues in this environment? Aftermarket Strategies will help your plan and organize for success.

Brand Development


The key to any successful market strategy is to build off your brand reputation. We will develop strategies that can maximze your brand identity and value. 

Brand Globalization

Your company's brand(s) is a valuable asset.  However, to truly grow the value of that asset, it needs to be recognized around the world.  Names like Xerox, IBM, Apple and Coca Cola have global reach. We can assist your company in making your brand a global powerhouse while guiding you through the steps that are necessary to protect that brand and your intellectual property.

​Export Management


Perhaps you've attained all of your strategic goals in North America.  Perhaps you're wondering what opportunities are available in other markets.  Our network of contacts and deep market intelligence acquired over nearly 30 years will help identify those markets most suited for your products and help you launch successfully in those countries.

​Market Research


By using market data, competitive metrics, and a variety of empirical data sources, we can customize your product offering to be a relevant consideration in any customers deliberations. Now more than ever, the aftermarket is entirely data driven.

​Strategic Planning


"Where do we go from here?" It's a question I often hear from companies who acheived success in their businesses, but are unsure of where the next step should be.  The Aftermarket Strategies group can provide insights and strategies to help managment craft their long term strategic visions, and we can provide data-driven tools to help make these decisions less about guessing and more about choosing a viable plan.

Import, Supp​ly Chain & QC/QA

Throughout a 30 year career in product and brand development, we have acquired extensive manufacturing contacts throughout the world.  Whatever products you seek, or if you just need help in improving your supply chain situation, we can offer advice and solutions that have been proven effective.  We can also provide insights on how to establish proper QC/QA protocols within your supply chain.

Marketing & Social Media

Aftermarket Strategies will work with your organization to develop the right marketing tools and messaging for your products.  This would include print, web and social media messaging campaigns.